Iam 16 weeks and 6 days 👶 @ialreadynoe

Iam 16 weeks and 5 days 👶 @ialreadynoe

Iam 16 weeks and 5 days 👶

Babe came home and gave me a flower teddy bear. Aww thank u :) @ialreadynoe I LOVE YOU 😍😘

Got me working 2 jobs lol

My #MCM. the Father of my child. The love of my life. The one who makes me happy. The man who will do anything for me. I love you @ialreadynoe

I didn’t get a hug from @te_mill cuz he said my mouth is blue. Then@ialreadynoe said that my mouth was freaking scary. Wow how nice. Lol. 😝

Babe surprised me with flowers at work. Thanks baby love, I love you 😍😘 @ialreadynoe